Mission & Vision

Bethesda is Hebrew word meaning “house of mercy”.  We want to live up to what our name means so the mission and the vision of our church represent that goal.



The mission of our church is as follows:

Ministering to others in love.

Evangelizing our world one person at a time.

Rebuilding lives in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Challenging believers to worship and serve.

Yielding to Christ’s leadership and lordship.



The vision for our church represents where we’re headed.  The statement that we’ve adopted around here is “A New Bethesda For A New Generation”.  You see, Bethesda is a church with a rich history.  We never want to forget or neglect the things that God has done in our past.  But we also believe the future of this church is brighter than ever.  We know that reaching a new generation is challenging and requires change, but with God’s help we are up for the challenge.

Our vision is to be:

An Interceding Church – seeking the face of God in prayer to know him intimately, hear him clearly and experience victory.

An International Church – committed to evangelizing every nation through the giving of our finances, time and strength while reaching out to and openly welcoming every race and ethnicity so that the nations of the world are represented in our church family.

An Innovative Church – Endeavoring to practically and creatively communicate the word of God and demonstrate the love of God serving as a model of 21st century ministry methods while uncompromising the age old message of the gospel.

An Integrated Church – A church of many members coming together to form one body, one army, one family united in worship, service and fellowship.

An Investing Church – Understanding our God given responsibility to adequately reach and train the next generation thereby investing in the future of the church.