Mission & Vision

Bethesda is Hebrew word meaning “house of mercy”.  We want to live up to what our name means so the mission and the vision of our church represent that goal.

Mission (Mission answers the question “What do we exist for?)

Showing Mercy To A Broken World

Vision (Vision answers the question “Where are we going?”)

Ministering to families

Evangelizing the world

Rebuilding lives

Creating community

Yielding everything to God
Values (Values answers the question, “How do we intend to operate on a day to day basis and how will we work toward our vision?”)
1.  The Word – We are committed to learning, loving and living God’s Word in order to fulfill our purpose.
2.  Personal Wellness – We desire to see each individual whole and complete.  Nothing missing, nothing broken.
3.  Soul Winning – Reaching others by sharing Jesus…whatever it takes.
4.  Relational – Life is meant to be celebrated with others.  God did not intend for us to live alone but to experience the gift of friendship and community.
5.  Team – We believe that we can effectively accomplish more when we work together.  When the team works, the dream works.
6.  Generosity – At Bethesda, we are not consumers in a church but contributors of the Kingdom.  We will be generous with our time, talents and treasures.
7.  Relevant – We believe it is irreverent to be irrelevant.  Therefore, we will effectively connect to our culture without compromising  the Word of God.
8.  Excellence – Because our work is our worship, we will strive to give our best and exceed the expectations of the people we serve.  Mediocrity is not an option.