Bethesda School of Ministries


Bethesda School of Ministries exists to train men and women in Biblical studies and practical ministry so that they may be better equipped to serve God in their local church.  Whether you aspire to be a pastor, evangelist or are wanting to strengthen your abilities to lead and serve in your local church, Bethesda School of Ministries is here to help you learn, grow and enhance your ministry effectiveness.



1.  How is the program structured? BSM offers a three year program that will prepare students for ministerial licensing through the Assemblies of God.   An academic school year consists of two 16 week semesters – Fall & Spring.  All classes are offered in English and Spanish.

2.  When are classes held? Classes are held on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7pm – 10pm.

3.  What do I get when I complete the program and graduate?  After successfully completing three years at BSM, graduates receive a diploma in Biblical Studies.  The completion of these courses can be used for personal growth and development and they also fulfill the educational requirements for those that would desire to apply for credentials with the Assemblies of God.  Other organizations and churches honor the courses offered at BSM as part of their credentialing process as well.  You would need to speak personally with those organizations and churches to see if they will accept these studies for their credentialing process. 
4. How Much Does It Cost?  The cost to attend BSM is $350 per semester plus the cost of the books that are required for each class.



UPCOMING SEMESTER:  Fall Semester 2018

Registration  – Monday, August 13, 2018    6pm

Classes Begin – Monday, August 20   7-10pm    

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