Christmas: Whose Celebration Is It Anyway?

Celebrations are awesome! Celebrations are awesome because they usually consist of family, friends, food, activity and laughter. Celebrations are awesome because the very word denotes that something so good has happened that it deserves celebration. Celebrations are awesome because they revolve around that fact that we honor and recognize someone or a group of people for an accomplishment or even for a sacrifice that they have made.
Veterans Day celebrations honor those that have served our country. Martin Luther King Day celebrates the life of a man that brought change and equality to so many. Fourth of July celebrations recognize the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy in this nation and the independence from other governments that allow us to enjoy them. Those celebrations have a clear purpose and understanding attached to them.
Unfortunately, for many in our world today Christmas is a celebration that no longer has that clear purpose and understanding attached to it. Oh, celebrations happen all the time during this season with friends, family, food, activity and laughter. There is a sense that we are celebrating something important. It is even said and sung that this is the most wonderful time of the year. But for many, there is not a clear understanding as to why celebration is appropriate.
Christmas is definitely an appropriate time for celebration, but not because family and friends are deserving of celebration. Not because traditions and customs are deserving of celebration. Christmas is a time for celebration because Jesus Christ, the Son of God, God in the flesh, God with us, the Savior of the World, the King of the Jews and the King of the Universe is worthy of celebration. I too enjoy the time with family and friends. I enjoy the food, activities and laughter. I even enjoy the giving and receiving of gifts. I enjoy the traditions and customs that have been passed down the generations. But this Christmas let us be very careful and extremely mindful to make Jesus the center of our celebration. Let’s remember that His birth is what changed the world forever. Let’s acknowledge that his coming to earth was a tremendous blessing for us but a great sacrifice for him. And let’s have a clear purpose and understanding for why we celebrate.

May our Christmas celebrations reflect a true acknowledgment and appreciation to Jesus for his loving and sacrificial act of coming to this sin sick world to save lost sinners like us. May our Christmas celebrations be fun, exciting, fulfilling, but most of all, may they honor Jesus!