The Presence of God In Me

I’ve heard tons of people talk about how they were in the presence of God and how amazing it was, but their fire soon died down and they continued to live the same life they lived before the experience. Some wonder why that experience didn’t change them; they had felt so good at the time.

Well here’s the thing,
It’s one thing for you to be in the presence of God, but it’s a whole other thing for the presence of God to be in you!

If you were dehydrated, you would obviously need to drink water to be hydrated again, right? So let’s say there was a huge pool of water and you decided to step into it. Yeah, it feels good, but it doesn’t help the fact that your dehydrated. What good is it then if you only decide to be in it but don’t actually take a sip of water for yourself? You’d still be dehydrated! It isn’t until you allow yourself to drink the (living) water that an actual change will occur. Not just a feel good spur of the moment type of thing. But something that has long lasting effects; something that keeps you alive! It isn’t until you not only stand in the presence of God but allow the presence of God to flow within you, that you will begin to see a change.

You see, the very fact that you can stand in the presence of God is proof that he wants to move in you! If you disagree, why would one go to a place expecting just to stand at the doors and not go in? No! He goes expecting that someone will open up! In the same way, God is ready to move. It’s up to us if we are willing to open the gates of our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to do his thing in our lives. Then and only then will you see a change in your life that is not temporary. Then and only then will you receive a joy that never fades. Then and only then will you begin to understand that it’s not about a one time experience but about a life changing encounter.

God will move in lives when his people are ready. All we have to do is say, “No longer do I just want to be in the presence of God, but from now on, I want the very presence of God to be in me!”

by Yasmin Flores